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Kuhito sleeping
I was planning to make the butterfly stand on his nose, but... meh, that'd have been around 15 extra frames =_=...
Kuho napping as usual xD He's such a cutie :>
Etheon gif
Why do I do this to myself? ;_;

This... wasn't what I was planning, honestly. I don't even know why I ended doing a gif :Y... Has ever happened to you that you don't have idea what are you doing, but in the end you are surprised with the result? Well, this is what happened to me with this gif xD
Aside from the FE mugshots, I don't go near the pixel art, 'cause... it's a pain in the ass, tbh. But for some reason, I decided to try to do something out of the usual style I use for my pixel art and do something all by myself and this is the result~
I gotta say... I'm pleased. Yes, I am :> I really want to make more, but at the same time I don't lol... I just want to see these gifs magically made by themselves lol
Sketchy sketches lol by Atey
Sketchy sketches lol
More sketches because why not xD

Poor Yikah :C She has such a hard time when Durean and Taro go to fight against their master's enemies. Usually, Taro doesn't come back that wounded, but Durean has been about to die more than once. Yikah feels helpless and useless, she wants to be stronger not only for herself, but for Durean as well. She then realizes that the best thing she can do is to improve her healing skills and that's how in the future she becomes a very good healer, but always taking care mainly of her fighting skills (I think she's the only healer I have on this group, lol... didn't realize until now)

There's Kuho napping... I hope no one sneak in and do something bad to him or take advantage of that defenseless sleepy creature : (

Leroi and Sheela being cute :>... and Kalel (Qeurt's genderbend) not being cute xD
FE characters by Atey
FE characters
Daaaamn.... I FINALLY finished this. You know why am I always reluctant to do these mugshots? Because these are more tedious to do than an ordinary drawing :Y Why? Because you have to make these things pixel by pixel and uuuueeeergh... =___=

These are sprites from one character from each Fire Emblem game available to play... to avoid a "smart ass" saying that there isn't any FE14 character here :Y The only restriction I imposed myself to pick these characters was that it must be a character that isn't going to appear on the Crossover Hack... which doesn't mean that these mugshots can't be used there~ xD

FE 1/3/11/12: Katua. What? Did you think I was gonna make one character for each remake of Fire Emblem 1? xDDD Nope. Katua (or Catria)'s personality isn't appealing or interesting to me (she's your typical loyal knight with generic personality... the only thing that makes her different to many other characters from this game is that she got the unrequited love story lol as well as her older sister xD... seems like only her little sister had luck with love lol) but I picked her because she's one of the best units of the game.

FE2: Jesse. I played this game not too long ago aaand... I must say it's terribly boring xD so if you haven't played it, don't feel bad, you aren't missing anything fantastic xD... in this game, there are only generic characters... you can barely see a little of Alm and Celica's personlaity... but nope, even they are quite generic xD I picked Jesse just because he's one of the best units (if you ever decided to play this FE, let me give you an advise... promote all your villagers to archers. Seriously. This is probably the only FE where they're broken)

FE4: Claude... well, I'm gonna go and guess this priest is one of the most overlooked characters from this game xD (even though it's pretty clear that he wasn't made to fight, but to heal, in which he's quite useful) but I picked him because he has a sad story. I mean, the guy knew all along what was gonna happen and he also knew he was going to die, but he went to aid Sigurd anyway :c (maybe that's why he looks so sad on his portrait? I don't know if the artist's intention was to make him look sad or gentle, but... idk, I've always seen Claude with these puppy eyes xD)

 FE5: Galzus. I picked him because whenever you see him approaching... you know you gotta run and stop wasting your time getting experience and walking around xD I know he looks quite old on my version, but there's one image of him from these old FE card game where he looks quite old and I based this sprite on that card haha (so you can see that I can also make old people hah)

FE6: Elphin. I think this character was inspired on Levin... or at least he reminds me of him (he's a noble that dresses up like a bard and blah blah) but the poor guy has to make think to all that he's dead, even his own father who was really sad because of this :c (leaving that sad story aside, I picked him just because I wanted to make a pretty boy xD)

FE7: Pent. Well... I just picked Pent because I like his design. That's all xD

FE8: L'Arachel. She's one of my favorites from that game haha... and the best pairing for Ephraim in my opinion xD She's a useful healer and I always have her on my team because she turns out to be a pretty good unit in the end (and she and Ephraim can destroy a whole army by themselves with their support xD) and she's hilarious so that gives her a lot of points, haha.

FE9: Shinon. I was able to play this game not too long ago... Sadly, the situation only allowed me to play FE9... I still can't play FE10 :'Y. Shinon was easily one of my favorite characters xD he's such a jerk, but he's a good guy on the inside lol (his supports show that clearly haha) and he's one of the very few characters (if not the only, without counting the enemies xD) that doesn't love Ike, which makes him even more unique! xD He's also pretty useful and I think his skill provoke suits him so well lol (makes me wonder what does he say to the enemies to provoke them lol)

FE13: Lon'qu: I'm currently playing FE13... I haven't advanced that much because I'm a maniac and want to get as many supports as I can (instead of doing what every sane person would do and search for them on the internet and save me the trouble :Y...)  I don't know, I picked Lon'qu because he's the badass myrmidon from this FE? (you know he's a badass myrmidon because he has a killer edge as his first weapon xD) and also because I like his voice on English, lol (I don't think I've heard his Japanese voice anyway)

EDIT: I zoomed the mugshots so they can be seen in more detail (which is good and bad to me, anyway... lol)
Villain power! by Atey
Villain power!
Edit: All slots were taken.

I was bored so I decided to start this collab lol

Rules to include your character:
- It must be part of the SGPA group
- It must be a villain >: D
- You can pick only one slot
- If you pick a slot, make sure to FINISH the collab! xD (I'm saying that because I'm tired of seeing unfinished collabs :Y don't you think they look way prettier when they're finished?)

You can draw a male character if you want, I don't mind :> and if you are able to draw without using a base, it'd be great if you draw your character with your own style! (that way you can see the differences between styles and you avoid using that generic style on the base... but that's optional)

1.- Quetzal (c) :iconsamaryllis:
2.- Leira (c) :iconatey:
3.- Jorah (c) :iconsyreneln:
4.- Kayne (c) :iconmeibatsu:
5.- Argine (c) :iconlilwicky:
6.- Eric (c) :iconkalid909:

All characters were made by their respective owners.

Base made by :iconpiku-seru:
Yeaaaaah.... That's right. This month, you wont... see... Etheon in my drawings..... ;____;

*sigh* All because I accepted that silly challenge :iconsolholy: proposed >_____>... I can't draw Etheon, but he can't draw his dear lolis HAHAHA~ xDDD (I chose that, so that was my revenge! >8Y *shakes fist*)

Soooo... godbye my beloved Etheon, I wont see you until February 2nd :'c *cries bitterly* Soooo.... can I at least draw Ethel? :c

Dai: <___<... (I don't see the problem)
Etheon: It doesn't matter, I'll remain as the king. Right, creator? *smirks*

<____<... :Y.... :T... anything can happen in one month? :<


Atey's Profile Picture
Gracias :iconlbranford: por la imagen <3

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Atey Featured By Owner Edited Feb 4, 2015
No, I hadn't, but I did it just now xD
Yeah, it matches with them (Shiso knows how Leira really is haha) but... I'd say most of the song reminds me only of Leira rather than her and Shiso xD
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