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Computer colored (detailed), one character
Time skip Qeurt - character reference by Atey
Flat colored background or transparent.
Full body, non-colored, digitally inked
Ts Qeurt Lineart By Atey-d7djtz5 by Atey
Single character.
Autograph by Atey
Request 7 8 and 9 by Atey
Request 1 2 and 3 by Atey
Half body, digitally inked, two characters. (Doesn't include paper texture, but I can add it).
Pixel art
Holmes FE style by Atey
Durean mug FE style gif by Atey
Thar 4.3 by Atey
Fire emblem style mugshot or another style (price might vary depending on dimensions of the image)


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The Ultimate Character Meme - Firia by Atey
The Ultimate Character Meme - Firia
If I have to chose between uploading less drawings but of better quality or upload crappy sketches more often... well, the only option actually possible is bond to happen. xD

I found this meme the other day and I did it. I asked for suggestions because I didn't know which one of my characters to pick for this, so Aegis mentioned Firia and here she is.

I think I'll make another of these memes with another suggestion... but that would be the last one. This meme has too many questions and I end getting all anxious trying to finish this as fast as possible. My drawings should be enough proof that I'm not lying xD...
So uh... I'm struggling to get rid of this... mental laziness/lack of creativity I've been passing through for a while now and well, what is the thing I do when I don't know what the heck to draw? Yes, I search for memes '-'

I don't know which character should I pick to make this meme The Ultimate Meme 1.0 by UltimateMemeMaker
Comparing these two by Atey
Comparing these two
Yes, I also think these two are quite similar. Must be because I just repeated pretty much all the aspects that make a man's face handsome in my eyes lol. But overall, I'm glad that they give a different feeling just by looking at them. I'd say that the most different aspect these two have are their voices. I imagine Thar's voice soothing, and he doesn't cut out letters from words nor does he use curses or the sorts... often, at least xDD (I can't imagine Thar cursing, tbh lol). On the other hand, Qeurt would be loud,  he would yell/rise his voice pretty often, and of course would curse pretty much all days xD
You're not good to me by Atey
You're not good to me
Is funny, because the words can be applied for both of them.

Something quick so I don't forget how to draw.... how does kids' anatomy works? I don't know! I don't care! I'm too sleepy to care!
So... for those who don't know, the deadline to finish this was July 8th. A lot of parts are missing, so.. yeah, I'll give a new and LAST deadline to the people who still has to make their part of the collab. BUT, the rules this time will be... less flexible. I feel it's the only way to do this, and I hope you can understand.

- If anyone doesn't finish their part in time, I'll give the chance to get more slots to the people who managed to do it in time. You'll lose your slot(s)
- If you think you won't make it in time, I'd appreciate if you let me know so I can give the slot to another person (somebody who's ready with their part)

Welp, if you have questions, ask here in the comments.

I think this will be the last time I start a collab like this xD... so don't worry, you wont see me pestering like this again~


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Gracias :iconlbranford: por la imagen <3

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