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Computer colored (detailed), one character
Time skip Qeurt - character reference by Atey
Flat colored background or transparent.
Full body, non-colored, digitally inked
Ts Qeurt Lineart By Atey-d7djtz5 by Atey
Single character.
Autograph by Atey
Request 7 8 and 9 by Atey
Request 1 2 and 3 by Atey
Half body, digitally inked, two characters. (Doesn't include paper texture, but I can add it).
Pixel art
Holmes FE style by Atey
Durean mug FE style gif by Atey
Thar 4.3 by Atey
Fire emblem style mugshot or another style (price might vary depending on dimensions of the image)


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Trying a new style... kinda by Atey
Trying a new style... kinda
Yeah... I'm trying a new style... sort of? :Y I actually had a lot of fun drawing these. I was trying to make them as expressive as I could... maybe I should have tried some more exaggerated expressions? Maybe I'll do that one day.

It's been a long time since I haven't drawn my characters interacting with each other... or even with other people's OCs >_>... that kind of bugs me :Y 
Maybe they're relatives?? by Atey
Maybe they're relatives??
Sooo... :iconsolholy: suggested me to watch an anime called "Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro" saying that the main character would remind me of Etheon (that's a pretty good way to catch my attention and get me curious about anything, to compare a character with one of my OCs xD...) and I was watching the first episode and I already can see where he's coming from xq...

(That dark haired character on the second screencap is suppose to be Grey, btw xD...) Why are Dai and Grey wearing pink clothes? Your guess is as good as mine... but I'd bet that Etheon has a lot to do with it xD (is not like guys can't use pink, but Dai at least doesn't wear pink ever... and I don't see Grey wearing pink clothes... maybe I'm wrong? Let me know if I'm wrong, :iconaegis-of-justice:xD)
Etheon x 2 by Atey
Etheon x 2
This took me forever to make... why.. my eyes are bleeding

Look who's back! My trash son! (?)
I made this because I didn't like that much how he turned out on that image of my OCs on chibi version I made not too long ago, so I made him again... and his lovely true form as well, because I love to suffer A_A
Thar overload by Atey
Thar overload
I started with the sketch on the far right... and then ended collecting all those drawings to hide my laziness, because I was unable to keep drawing after finishing it....

Well, yeah... Thar has been on my drawings for a veeeeery long time. I organized (kinda) the drawings putting the oldest ones to the left and the most recent ones to the right (aside from me organizing the drawings like that, I assume you can tell which ones are older... right? ;_; ther e must be some progress in ther e....)

If I remember correctly, I created Thar when I was around... 16-17 years old? (I don't want to think how many years ago, alright? I don't wanna feel old... ;_;.... I have enough with my grey hairs...)... I was on school when suddenly, I had the idea of creating a character that reflected my idealized kind of guy (physically speaking, that is xD....) and that's how Thar was born lol xD... 

Oh, and if you're wondering what's that comic in the middle about, it's just Thar grumbling about how much I over use him... and then trying to escape from me using a silly mask xD... Funny story: on that drawing, you can see Thar wearing glasses. That's because when I was in school, I used him as a history teacher on a comic (it was an assignment) and then when the teacher called for me to give her comments about the comic, she told me "since when are teachers that handsome?" (or something like that) and I couldn't help but laugh loudly xDD I did a good job with him, apparently! ;D (sadly, I don't have that comic with me anymore... that teacher asked me if she could keep it, and I gave it to her ;__;..... I regret it... deeply)

So yeah, Thar has a very special place in my heart... he has evolved a lot as a character, even if I haven't posted a lot about him (more like I've kept it as a secret... because I can't decide if I should reveal what he is since I'm pretty sure I'll never finish the Hidden Warrior comic that I haven't touched since... forever... . . .) I have WAAAAAY more drawing of him, but I think those are enough... you'd get bored to see him if I post every single drawing I have of him xD...
AAAAAaaa... my gallery is so dead, I'm sad ;_;...
Well, let's say I was on a hiatus for personal reasons (nothing bad) after finishing the semester, and now I'm back... although I wont be posting anything before finishing some commissions I have pending since... forever :Y...

Meanwhile, I think I'm going to accept requests with this meme…

- Only OCs
- They must be part of the :iconsgpa: group
- One per user
- Add a link to the OC for reference

Also, you can suggest me an emoji for one of my own characters xD... don't worry, that wouldn't count as your request if you want your own character...

Okay, I think I have enough requests, so time to close this xD...

- :iconsevenobessed77: > Iris Heart with D1
- :iconsilverboy27: > Ariel Green Lantern Oc-Ariel Valdez Doodles by SilverBoy27 with C3
- :iconaqualannis: > Alyss Aly Wow Full Body by AquAlannis with C3
- :iconsyreneln: > Lilly Lilly Character Reference by Syreneln with B9
- :iconisi-a: > Noelle Noelle on Earth by isi-a with D4
- :iconmeibatsu: > Sage Sage - Scholar and Scavenger by Meibatsu with C5
- :iconenthaga: > Kat Young Justice OC The Black Cat by Enthaga with C3

- :iconatey: Durean with D2 and Thar with A2


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Gracias :iconlbranford: por la imagen <3

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