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Different styles by Atey
Different styles
I was bored, so I decided to make a crossover of my characters and some of my favorite video games.

Durean: Puyo Puyo - Isn't he kawaii desu ne? xD Well... I don't know if I should consider Puyo one of my favorite games... but I do have some fun playing that game now and then.

Etheon: Castlevania - I guess it's quite evident that I rage quited on that one, right? xD That was the last one I did so I didn't feel like putting much effort on it. Some day I'll draw a decent Etheon (unlike this one pfffftdsfsdf) in Ayami Kojima's style... but on paper lol. The Castlevania series have a special place in my heart... now that I think about it, maybe those Castlevania artworks made by Ayami Kojima were the ones who influenced me... to make my characters so complicated to draw sometimes, lol =_=....

Shiso: Ghost Trick  - I already drew him on that style, but... uh... I just finished the game again and... ungh... it's so cute and beautiful ah... ;_; seriously, I highly recommend that game (even though I think it's quite easy for the most part 'cause it's usually giving clues about what you have to do, but anyway... I like the story and I always remember my first time playing it was great because the suspense and the "what's gonna happen next!" pushed me to play 'till late lol) That's why I'm glad that I didn't get any spoiler when I played it~

Qeurt: Portal - Not style, because that's 3D and I suck on that xD it's just my regular style. This game is also great! At first I didn't expect much, but I ended having a lot of fun. The game's really humorous lol. If Qeurt were a test subject, I can totally see him stealing a turret for himself lolol xD it'd be his little robotic pet lol. But Qeurt! You can't take that poor turret with you If you pass that blue thing that is always at the end of the stage, the turret will...!
Sad face by Atey
Sad face
Uh... not much to say here... I was just experimenting with colors... trying a different style.
Here's a cute Yikah, looking sad because... she's probably thinking about her family that she hasn't seen for a long time... or maybe because Durean will never see her as a lover? xD Idk, give the interpretation you want lol. 
Stained with blood by Atey
Stained with blood
Oh look, now Deviant art is Tumblr 2.0... greaaaat.... *sarcasm*
Wow... I've been quite inactive lately... pretty much like almost everybody, for what I can see anyway -_-~
Decided to make this to see if I still can draw (?) lol...

Jezarine (c) :iconsyreneln:
Etheon (c) :iconatey:
Random  look by Atey
Random look
Yaaay I can use my laptop, hence I can use my tablet <: (it's quite funny how I solved the problem... trying a charger from a really old laptop my dad bought many years ago, haha... nobody will miss it, that laptop is useless anyway, we only use it to scan stuff... the bad part is... this charger weights a ton >_>)

Random sketch as usual lol... Some of my guys with random outfits. I got this idea by watching videos of a certain type of music that I'm not gonna mention... my idea at first was to dress them as if they were a boy band xD but... I think Durean is a little out of place, lol. I can imagine him on a band that plays songs the kind Deep Forest makes xD. Durean look is based on Rapa Nui people (not like they go around dressed like that... they use something like that for traditional events, I guess... because Easter island is quite touristic and all the stuff that is related to the folklore must be really appealing for outsiders) and I decided to dress him like that because if Durean were human, he would be from there? xD (I can totally see him welcoming people and putting them a flower necklace lol) The other three are... quite random. I made Shiso extra feminine because those boy bands I mentioned before almost always have at least one member that is quite androgynous.  
Tarodoll by Atey
Is so beautiful, my heart<3

This was the first gift I received yesterday on my birthday... such an awesome surprise. I reacted like a little girl when I saw it xD It was a long time wish fulfilled :>

Thanks sooooo much :iconsolholy: and his mom for this fantastic gift <3 My gift for him is gonna be nothing compared to this xD
I'm having a crisis right now... my laptop is finally dying... I'm not prepared for this D,: OTL *runs to a corner and cries* Well, actually.... my laptop still works... the problem is the battery doesn't last more than 15 minutes without the charger... and now the charger doesn't work anymore... AAAAGH!! My only hope is to buy a new charger... but to be prefectly honest, I'd rather get a brand new laptop... *sigh* I can dream and I don't even know how much money do I need to buy it. So... I think I'm not going to uploead things here for a while... and probably not even gonna draw anything digitally until this problem is solved. For now, I'll be using my parent's laptop... that means that at least I'm gonna have access to internet... but isn't the same :,c

The only good thing of all this is that I had a nice national holiday... it'd have been better if my damn dog hadn't been such an asshole to almost everybody...


Atey's Profile Picture
Gracias :iconlbranford: por la imagen <3

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